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Moving from dream to reality is always an exciting challenge. When this factor is combined with strong values inherent to the irreverence typical of youth, the desire to achieve the coveted success, always based on "doing well" can and should be one of the pillars of the way of being in life, finally understanding the values which presided the creation of GEOTRILHO.

From the beginning of the new millennium until today, the vision, the dream, the ambitions and qualities of a team made of young professionals, highly skilled in the several areas of the construction process, were able to create a name, a concept, a way to serve the global community in which we operate.

It was a long way, naturally moving forward and backwards, with gains and losses, successes and failures. It was however a path followed always with well designed objectives, which now allow us to recognize that the dreams of our youth could be fulfilled after all. From a young and committed team, we became an experienced team, with renewed dedication and enthusiasm, with more and better means, responsible and reputable, a fact proven by the multiple and diverse partners we had the honour and pleasure of working with.

We did works. We made a little of what Portugal and the world are today. We helped people connect through new roads, railways, ports, tunnels, bridges and viaducts. We made dozens of works, many of which of such grandeur and complexity that fill us with pride. We grew, both in number as in quality, we positioned ourselves nationally and internationally, showed qualities, and today we are recognized in the market as a reliable partner.

But all of this is not enough! We want more, because we know we can give a lot more. We know our worth, who we are and where we are going. We have a clearly set path, ambition, enthusiasm and the will to always do better.
We must finally thank everyone who helped us get here because without them our story would be impossible to tell, and we would like them to know that this letter was written only thanks to their hard work and commitment.  

To all, thank you very much!